Final Touches

My dress is done and under wraps for now, but I enjoyed the process of finishing so much that I can’t keep those details to myself! I handpicked the zipper into the skirt, which was my first time doing so and I’m beyond happy with it – I found the process calming (the opposite of previous zipper insertions) and it looks great. I’m not sure I’ll ever machine stitch a zipper again. I found that the zipper almost entirely disappears into the gathers, taking the term invisible zipper to another level.

For the bodice, I made rouleau loops using the remaining taffeta and some lace covered buttons that I got on Etsy. Initially, I tried using elastic button loops that I also got on Etsy, but they ended up being too stretchy and I think that the taffeta loops ended up looking nicer overall.

I slip-stitched the bodice lining to the center back and waist of the bodice. And just like that, there’s nothing left to do (technically)! But I couldn’t stop there – I added some temporary ribbon hanger straps because the dress is surprisingly heavy and I was worried about having too much weight hanging on the lace.

The very last touch, was this something blue cutie – shout out to Meg Barr for the logo.

With the dress finished, I’ll be exploring accessories next!

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